What is "Real Kombucha"?

We now know that some popular brands are cutting corners in the fermentation process, reducing production time from weeks down to just 24 hours or less.

Is it still Kombucha if it's made by quickly mixing tea, vinegar, fruit juice, carbon dioxide, powdered probiotics, flavorings, vitamins, stimulants and/or colorants?

Traditional Kombucha involves four simple ingredients: tea, sugar, water, and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).

At Kombuchade, we stick to the traditional method, brewing patiently with the same starter cultures since 2014. Our ingredients are top-notch, and sourced from trusted suppliers like Rishi Tea & Botanicals.

We prioritize organic + fair trade ingredients, and produce fluoride-free filtered water sourced from Lake Michigan inside our brewery.

We are now Kosher certified, and aiming for USDA Organic & Regenerative Organic Certifications in the future. 🌱✨

The big question: Will consumers value these differences?

Only time will reveal the true impact in the market...





Source: https://english.elpais.com/lifestyle/2023-10-31/kombucha-is-not-what-it-appears-to-be-how-to-avoid-being-deceived.html

Matt Lancor - Founder of Kombuchade