Wild Guava Kombuchade

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Chicago's Kombucha Brewery


No Added Sugar
No Forced Carbonation
Rishi Tea and Botanicals
Fluoride-Free-Filtered Water
Organic Fair-Trade Cane Sugar
USA Made Packaging Materials
Family and Employee Owned
Traditional Kombucha Manufacturing
Factory-direct Delivery for Wholesale Retail Partners
Kombuchade + Electrolytes Ships Factory-direct Nationwide

Team Kombuchade



  • Well-being through Gut Health:
    Support a balanced gut microbiome with Kombuchade, enhancing digestion and overall well-being for the family.
  • Digestive Comfort:
    Kombuchade provides moms a simple way to address family digestive concerns, promoting comfort and contentment.
  • Immune Support Nurturing:
    Nurture your family's health by choosing probiotic-rich Kombuchade, use it as an additional immune support layer during seasons of potential health challenges.
Active Humans

Active Humans

Enhanced Well-being for Active Lifestyles:
Utilize Kombuchade to support a balanced gut microbiome. Improved digestion and overall well-being align with the needs of those leading active lifestyles.
Digestive Ease for the Active:

Kombuchade offers a convenient solution for active individuals seeking digestive comfort. It helps alleviate common issues like bloating and gas, promoting a more comfortable experience during physical activities.
Immune Resilience for the Active Family:

Choosing Kombuchade becomes a proactive step for active families, providing an additional layer of immune support. Designed for individuals engaged in regular physical activities, aiming to maintain their well-being during demanding routines.

Kombuchade ambassador playing rugby

Elite Level Athletes

Optimizing Performance and Well-being:
Kombuchade is embraced by professional and elite athletes for its role in maintaining a balanced gut microbiome, contributing to enhanced digestion and overall well-being crucial for peak performance.
Digestive Support for Elite Performance:

For athletes at the highest levels, probiotic Kombuchade becomes a valuable tool for digestive support, addressing concerns such as bloating and gas, and ensuring optimal comfort during intense training and competition.
Strategic Immune Support:

Probiotic-rich Kombuchade is strategically chosen by elite athletes as part of their immune support regimen. This proactive approach aligns with the demands of their rigorous training schedules, offering an additional layer of defense against potential health challenges.