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We're Chicago's Kombucha Brewery

Kombuchade is a beverage company on a mission to provide active humans with superior gut heath and hydration. At Kombuchade, you'll only find the highest quality ingredients, USA made packaging materials and a dedicated team brewing, packaging, and distributing our products from the heart of Chicago.

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Our commitment to excellence is driven by fundamental principles that define our approach to business and innovation. Each decision and product is a reflection of our dedication to upholding the highest standards for our customers and community.




Matt Lancor founder of Kombuchade kneeling with can of Kombuchade on rugby field

Our Story

I quit my 6 figure engineering job after witnessing the horrors of processed food manufacturing plants here in our country. In 2014, I discovered the power of probiotics for peak performance while playing in a national rugby championship.

Soon after, I realized probiotics have the potential to solve our countries problems with obesity and digestive health. I've since dedicated my life to making probiotic tea(s) that help people reach peak performance.

We all experience stress in our lives, and probiotic tea(s) can help you weather the storms.

So whether you're a business professional making tough deadlines, a soon to be grand-parent who wants to live a long life, or an olympic athlete ahieving your gold medal dreams…Kombuchade can help you reach your goals.

- Founder, Matt Lancor

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