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Kombuchade is a premium, performance-focused kombucha crafted specifically for athletes and active individuals. This revitalizing beverage blends the traditional benefits of kombucha with nutritional enhancements to support energy, hydration, and recovery.

Made from organic teas and infused with natural electrolytes, Kombuchade offers a delicious and effective solution to maintain peak performance.

Kombuchade isn’t just another kombucha; it’s your new secret weapon on and off the field.

About Us

How we're outrunning the competition...

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Enhanced Nutritional Formula

We've created a unique formula that blends traditional kombucha with essential electrolytes, probiotics, and performance-enhancing nutrients. Unlike traditional kombuchas, which solely focus on gut health, Kombuchade is designed specifically for active individuals. It supports not only digestive health but also aids in hydration and recovery, which are crucial for those who demand more from their bodies.

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Sourcing and Sustainability

We're commitmed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability. Ingredients like wild-harvested Patagonian guava and organic herbs from Rishi Botanicals are selected based on strict sustainability criteria, ensuring that products not only benefit the consumer but also the planet. This dedication to responsible sourcing extends to packaging choices, with materials chosen to minimize environmental impact.

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Superior Flavor Innovation

We blend natural ingredients with traditional kombucha for uniquely satisfying flavors that resonate with athletes and active individuals. Our innovative approach uses unique botanicals to deliver a sophisticated taste without artificial additives. Each sip enhances your health and delights your palate, making Kombuchade the preferred choice for those who value taste as much as wellness.

Our Special Herb Blends

Expertly crafted herb blends, each carefully selected to enhance both flavor & function

Our kombucha includes adaptogenic herbs like ginseng and rhodiola to boost energy, along with turmeric for inflammation and ginger for digestion. These organic botanicals are carefully chosen to amplify wellness and add a refreshing twist to each sip.

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Understanding Kombucha

Unlocking Kombucha Secrets

Whether you’re a curious newcomer or a seasoned enthusiast, discover the science and art behind kombucha and understand why it's celebrated by health-conscious individuals around the globe.

Fermentation & Gut Health

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Athletic Benefits

How to make 'Real' Kombucha

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Nutritional Profile

"In the USA, we often overlook highly-fermented foods that naturally align our brain and gut, enhancing resilience and performance. Adding Kombuchade to our diets, particularly for those under extreme stress, can promote this essential balance naturally."

— Dr. Emeran Mayer, MD